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Hi-Low Cutting Board Assorted

Manufacturer: Tovolo
SKU: 13012-200
Hi-Low Cutting Board Assorted
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This Tovolo Hi-Low Cutting board is an essential cooking accessory for small kitchens. Use this multipurpose prep mat to cut and prepare multiple food ingredients at the same time, saving time and space. The split section keeps ingredients from becoming cross contaminated, making it possible to prep ingredients without fear of cross contamination. Keep dry ingredients – herbs, bread, vegetables, etc. – on the higher section while prepping wet ingredients like meat or seafood on the lower section. Low section features a concave part that collects juices, while the high section keeps other ingredients dry. Concave section makes it easy to clean up or rinse off between uses. Easily rinse this mat between every use when cooking big meals with multiple ingredients. In addition, the cooking accessory is made with a non-slip bottom that securely sticks to countertops, preventing accidental spills or injuries in the kitchen. Tovolo Hi-Low Cutting Board is 16.25” L x 10” W. Large cutting mat is easy to store in drawers or leave on countertops for easy access. Material is BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

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