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Collapsible Stopper & Stainer Oyster Gray

Manufacturer: Tovolo
SKU: 26003-201
Collapsible Stopper & Stainer Oyster Gray
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Exactly like the name states, a durable Tovolo Collapsible Stopper & Strainer is just what the plumber recommends. A turn of the knob drops the stopper down and prevents liquid from draining. Another turn and the stopper stays up, allowing water to drain but food particles to collect. You can discard food easily with the handy knob and then collapse it down for easy storage. Prevent clogs by catching food debris before it goes down the kitchen sink. The small holes in the sink strainer catch most debris, allowing you to dispose of it properly, preventing buildup in your plumbing. Close off the kitchen sink drain with a quick twist. The stopper prevents water flow, which is perfect for washing and soaking dishes. Once all the dishes are done, twist and press the knob to release the water down the drain. The strainer will catch any food particles, preventing clogs in your plumbing. Throw away debris and rinse for a clean sink. Silicone edges create a seal on ceramic and stainless steel sinks to prevent premature water drainage or food particles getting stuck underneath the stopper. Silicone creates a tight seal, but releases easily when pulled. Fill the sink with soapy water, which will not drain until the dishes are done. This Collapsible Stopper and Strainer is BPA free and dishwasher safe.

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